Metiers d'Art La 33222/000r-9701 Symbolique Limited 40mm

Metiers d'Art La 33222/000r-9701 Symbolique Limited 40mm

MSP: 85021
Summer Sale - Exp. 19/06
2,467,580,000 2,344,201,000 VNĐ
(-123,379,000 VNĐ)
The Métiers d'Art - La Symbolique Des Laques collection is devoted to the natural beauty of the seasons. For each model in the collection a front & back dial is created. The workmanship to create these dial took a total of more than 7 years!
MAKI-E: Masters of Zôhiko are experts in the art of "maki-e" style enamel painting. "Maki-e" in Japanese means "filled up the picture." This style of enamel painting features the most complex techniques of decorative lacquering. The art begins while paint (usually black in color) has not yet congealed, which is then sprinkled with gold or silver powder to create unique designs. The final lacquered coating is made from the sap of what is known as the Chines Lacquer tree, Rhus Verniciflua, which is found is in the highlands of central Asia and parts of Tibet.
HANAMI - SPRING: A seasonal phenomenon that is typical of Japan, the flowering of the cherry trees is the epitome of renewal. From March to the beginning of May, the cherry trees are dressed in their pink hues and shower the country in a hail of petals, like symbols of purity, integrity and longevity. Due to the length of the country, the blossoming of trees does not happen in all regions at the same time, it is rather a progression. Since the beginning of time, the practice of “Hanami”, or admiration of flowers, has marked and shaped the imagination of the Japanese people.
The front dial is decorated the image of blossoming & flourishing flowers.
The dial on the back of the watch is decorated with the gentle flowing of long willow branches & with a typical Japanese bridge straddling the water.
Click on these links to view the other 2 models in the series:
Polished 18kt rose gold case.
Black decorated enameled front & black dial.
Central dial cutout on both the front & back dials for a partial view of the skeletonized movement.
Rose gold hour & minute hands,
Vacheron Constantin 14kt yellow gold & ruthenium plated skeletonized movement, Caliber 1003 SQ, beats at 18,000 vph, composed out of 117 parts, contains 18 Jewels & has an approximate power reserve of 30 hours.
Marked with the Geneva Quality Hallmark.
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